Nella, thank you from the heart for sharing your talents, wisdom, love, techniques, encouragement, and so much more in your Art From the Soul Workshop. I feel that you have given me my own key of awakening. Now I need to make a practice of showing up for myself!

I recently participated in one of Nella Lush’s workshops at the Rockport Art Association and Museum in Rockport, MA, where she also leads and mentors The Experimental Artist Group at the RAA&M.

Nella Lush is a painter whose beautiful and deeply moving art is expressed directly from her Soul. Nella’s paintings are mysterious, compelling, evocative, and stunning. Her beautiful colors and layers of textures reveal great depth, and also great mystery. Nella, through her stunning paintings, takes one on a journey. The journey is not scripted or spelled out, it is a intuitive journey of motion, mood, and emotion. Nella’s work invites us to enter into this unknown and exciting vision of the spirit of the soul. Nella’s paintings are music; they are poetry.

Nella is a generous and kind Guide and Mentor. She freely shares her techniques, her own process, and encourages us to find our own. Nella encourages us to explore, to express, without fear, our own soulful adventures that lie within us. She does not teach, however Nella becomes a light along the way. Nella encourages us to be brave, to experiment, and to connect with our own voices within, allowing our own stories, journeys, and emotions to come forth.Karen

Nella is so very inspirational and real. She truly paints and thinks from the soul and encourages her students to do the same. In spite of being a newbie to oil painting, Nella made me feel comfortable with the medium quickly through her sound advice that she has accumulated through years of experience. The whole class had great fun in pushing ourselves creatively.Sue W.
I have been painting most of my life but it wasn’t until I took your workshop did I finally recognize my own artistic voice. You create such a safe, supportive and liberating environment in which anyone who struggles with the artist within, can break free and find their authentic creative self. You are an inspiration and I feel so blessed to have found you. Sandy S.
Nella Lush is an inspired guide to finding your artistsic voice! She gave me first the right amount of encouragement, validation and playfulness that I needed to regain my trust as an artist. Annalee J.
Nella’s workshops are the best. I am in a gallery with 13 other artists and after each workshop I am ready to settle down and relax and work… she gives us things to think about which we have sometimes lost!Anna
Do you want to be inspired or “free up” once and for all in your art work? Well here is your answer. I took Nella’s workshop and for starters, just being in her studio will get your artistic juices flowing. Nella’s Studio is so inspiring. Her artwork is hanging on every inch of space available on the studio walls and doors and you will need a moment to take it all in.

The day begins with conversation amongst the group as to what everyone is hoping to achieve in their ART followed by sharing passages from Famous artists and authors to build inspiration.

Nella’s demonstrations are fascinating – she makes painting fun and encourages the artists to enjoy the process of painting. During the process you will be using marble dust, cold wax medium, charcoal, what ever your feeling at the moment. The medium of choice is yours as is the decision to use other mediums . She will introduce the idea and the rest is up to you. Nella has a unique approach to painting whether it be her approach spiritually or physically- her technique is not to be missed.

The workshop ends with a group critique and discussion for each Artist which I find to be most insightful and enjoyable- I always learn something new. You certainly will not be disappointed!

J. Munro

You have allowed me to follow my heart and explore things that are obviously part of me and want to be expressed. You always have inventive ideas that help unearth new possibilities!
Thank you Nella!
Eva Hoffman
Although I only know Nella a short time, she has become one of my favorite artists. Her beautiful work is a joy to gaze upon and her personal passion for art is an inspiration to anyone who meets her!Jennifer
Nella has opened a new world to me which is inspirational, emotional and free. Nella is the
voice that I have been searching for to guide me. She is caring and supportive while allowing me to hold onto my own visions, and helping me transition my love of painting and express it in a new way.Ruth A.
Nella Lush is a gifted and compassionate artist and teacher. She embodies the spirit of creativity and infuses her works with soul and energy. Her classes inspire and teach us all to f
eel the emotion behind the painting.Evy Shapiro McDade
Dear Nella,Painting with you is so much more than just painting. You get me to dig down into my soul and put on canvas the emotions I am feeling there. You teach me what painting, or doing anything creative, is truly all about. Mimi M.”Nella has a gift for giving you permission to play and have fun with the materials without worrying so much about the result. She encourages you to follow your own creative instincts and to keep pushing the process beyond the point where you might normally stop a painting. It was relaxing and fun, and the surprise for me was that I came away with paintings I liked. Since this workshop I find that I am freer and bolder in my work, more confident in pushing past my comfort zone. It was a great experience. ” Carmela
Nella’s approach to painting opened me to a new freedom as an artist..inviting intuition as the guide and slow deep listening the way. It has loosened me into a whole new place where courage is the centerpiece. I notice that there is now no anxiety, no “shoulds,” no rules. The beauty of this philosophy expresses in her paintings as fresh and true and I can see that this call to integrity makes such a difference for my work as well.Judy B.
I had been wanting to be more expressive and original in my art for a long time but had no idea of how to go about it. I tried taking a class on “how to do abstract art” and found it stultifying and boring. Then I took one of Nella’s workshops. It was like a locked door was opened and I was set free. With Nella’s support making art became exciting and fun! Carolyn B.